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Why Shrimp Has No Flavor

A question came up between a few of us as we were discussing our new menu;  Why doesn’t today’s shrimp have any flavor?  

We assumed it was due to the way they were being processed, and it turned out that we were right, but wondered if we could source something better for our guests.

Our journey took us one of the largest shrimp producers in the United States.  They told us that most of the shrimp sold to restaurants and retail stores is farm-raised and doesn’t get the same diet as wild shrimp.  This, combined with the chemicals used when processing the shrimp cause most to be tasteless and most likely, unhealthy.

Because of our conversation with them, we formed a partnership to bring you the very best shrimp in the world; Wild-Caught Shrimp from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

They’re a little more expensive but they’re full of flavor and safe to eat.  Just another way we bring the very best to our guests.

We hope you will see the difference too!  #QuailtyMatters